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First Check out Verizon. They run many specials and often times have an affordable wireless broadband services in many rural areas. The price is normally FAR LESS then satellite internet service and they may serve your rural area. Click here for more information.

Wild Blue Internet is one of our favorite internet providers. While your choices are not vast when it comes to getting satellite internet they do tend to always have the lowest price.

In case you did not know Satellite Internet is available EVERYWERE in the United States. It does not matter your location. With Satellite internet your internet connection is always on so it's ready when you are.

Plans for Wild Blue Start at 39.99 and because of this low price they are able to offer internet service to many people who other wise would not be able to afford high speed internet.

Satellite internet has been around for many years but over just the last year the price has come down BIG TIME. With plans starting around 39.99 for speeds close to 10 times faster then dial-up and their highest plan is 79.99 per month for speeds of 1.5 mbps. That speed is roughly 50 times faster then dial-up. If you are leaning more towards the higher speed then you should also check out this HughesNet Satellite page as well. They have a plan that is very similar and you may be able to get a little better deal. hughesnet also does have plans going up to 5.0 mbps but those speeds are in the 300 a month so they are out of reach for many people. It's something to consider if you own a business.

Wild Blue tends to always have a great special going. Normally you can always get a free wireless router and free installation. The downside to any special is you may have to commit for a period of 24 months. For those who know they want high speed for sure this is normally not an issue at all. Wild Blue has great customer support so you should not have any reason to drop them.

When you choose to have Wild Blue Satellite installed you will get an expert installer to come out and they will install a small satellite dish as well as an Internet Modem or router. They will also hook up your computer for you so you do not have to worry about doing anything yourself.



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