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Rural Broadband Wireless Internet Access and Providers

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Wireless broadband internet is quickly growing steam amongst many rural dwellers. If you are able to get cell phone service or live just on the out skirts of town but do not have an option for DSL or cable then broadband wireless may be right for you.

This service is also great for those who are always on the go and move around a lot but still need to have access to the internet from their laptop.

In a nut shell broadband wireless works off of a normal cell phone tower. You need to use a USB modem that is the size of someone's pinky. You stick this device into your computer and then connect using software provider from your broadband wireless carrier. all carriers have a very simple software program for you to install but just in case you do have issues you normally get free tech support so you should not have any issues.

Just How Fast is Broadband Wireless Internet?

The speeds are comparable to the low end of DSL. You will be able to tell a big difference from dial-up but don't expect your connection to be lightning fast. The average web page should load up in just a few seconds instead of a minute with dial-up. You should expect to get dropped every once in a while just like you do with your cell phone service. While the coverage and speeds keep getting better all the time it is in no way perfect and you should note this when thinking of using such a service.

In addition to being dropped every once in a while you should also note that you can only use the USB device on one computer at a time. there are special routers out there that do work with USB modems but you should expect to pay a few hundred dollars for them and most of the time they are poorly supported. This is not an issue at all for people with one computer. If you have more then one computer you may want to check out our Satellite internet page.

What you need to watch out for!

Many carriers of broadband wireless internet require you to sign a 12 month or 2 year contract to get a special price. You will also need to purchase a USB modem from them. Be sure to ask what your options are when it comes to returning the product and service in case you do not get good coverage in your area. Almost all will have a 30 day return policy. You need to double check this. Also if you use the internet a lot or you plan on using it a lot be sure to get an unlimited plan. Don't get suckered into a small plan that will then charge you .25 cents every 1 MB in data you go over. that can add up real quick.

I recommend you check with your local city or country website to see which providers are available in your area. There are now several smaller companies out there.

I can say however that Satellite High Speed internet is in your area.



  • Plans start as low as 29.95 a Month (Call and ask about current specials)

  • 10 GB 15 GB and 20 GB a month data plans
  • Gen 4 Speeds that are 15 times fater than previous HughesNet Generations
  • Zero Activation Fees
  • Free Installation (Most Areas)

What is great about Hughesnet is it's sattelite internet. This means it does not matter where you live, chances are you will be able to great reseption. With an A+ BBB rating and free installation in many cases it's the better option for rural internet service.

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