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Verizon Wireless Broadband Internet Access

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Verizon Broadband Internet Service and Latest Coupons

  • Mobile Broadband Plan—5 GB Monthly Allowance

    Best for heavy users that:
    • Need a frequent mobile connection
    • Send or receive email with large attachments
    • Download or upload large files such as photos
    • Need frequent access to Web sites
    • Download music occasionally
    • Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot access included
    • Check current Price and availability in your area

    Mobile Broadband Plan—250 MB Monthly Allowance

    Best for light users that:
    • Send or receive email with small or no attachments
    • Light Web Browsing
    • Download or upload small files
    • Download a song or two once in a while
    • Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot access included
    • Check current Price and availability in your area


Verizon has one of the largest coverage areas for rural internet access. Many individuals find this type of service is far more affordable then Satellite and provides the coverage and speeds they desire. The down side is the Max limits you are allowed to download each month. don't expect to be streaming TV or video. However if you just go to regular news websites and a few dozen other sites a day as well as e-mail you should be just fine.

TAKE advantage of the 30 return policy if coverage does not work in your area like you would expect. That is the reason why they have a 30 day return policy. Verizon does lock you into 1 and two year agreements so it's very important to call and cancell if you find the service not to your liking. As a computer technician serving rural areas I have found that in most cases this service works out great. However there are dead spots and you may be in one of them. It's best to chat with a representative online to see if they can cover your area.

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