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Rural High Speed Internet Service and Providers

Most people who live in rural areas could not get high speed internet access at a reasonable price until now. We cover only rural internet providers and all the latest coupons and deals. Finding a rural high speed internet provider has never been easier.

Our site is designed for only rural people. Below we explain the difference between providers and provide you the latest specials for each company that offers rural internet service

Top Pick for Rural Internet


  • Plans start as low as 29.95 a Month (Call and ask about current specials) -
  • 10 GB 15 GB and 20 GB a month data plans
  • Gen 4 Speeds that are 15 times fater than previous HughesNet Generations
  • Zero Activation Fees
  • Free Installation (Most Areas)

What is great about Hughesnet is it's sattelite internet. This means it does not matter where you live, chances are you will be able to great reseption. With an A+ BBB rating and free installation in many cases it's the better option for rural internet service.



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The Benefits Of A Faster Connection

Paying the higher price for high speed internet from most people is well worth it. With dial-up it can take you an hour just to do a few simple things. Here are some simple reasons to make the switch today.

  • You Can Surf the Web 50 times faster then dial up by switching to a high speed provider
  • You can view and upload pictures online to stay in touch with friends and family
  • View the weather and stock market in the morning in just a minute before you head out for the day
  • free up your phone line so you never miss a call
  • Work more from home and help your business be more productive

I look at the extra cost of high speed internet like this. How much is your time worth. If you need to be on the internet and it takes you an hour just to do several things then isn't an extra 20 bucks a month worth it for you? Time is money and you have far better things to do then wait for your news, stocks, e-mail, pictures, games, favorite sites to load.

We are here to help educate the public on what service is best for them. If you still have questions then just send us an e-mail and we will reply ASAP.

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