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Rural Internet Access | Rural High Speed Internet Provider

Satellite Internet Access is growing rapidly. You can now get High Speed Satellite Access ANYWERE in the United States and the cost has dropped in half over the last year.

For this reason tens of thousands of people in Rural Areas are taking advantage of the lower cost and hopping on board with Satellite internet.

Satellite Internet Access does not really on phone lines or cable lines. You will need to have a satellite dish installed but most companies give away the dish for free and provide and expert installer for free or at a very low cost.

Now rural areas can finally watch videos and play music online and enjoy speeds around 50X faster then Dial up all for a cost around 59 dollars per month.

Be sure to review the below companies for current specials and deals. We constant call and hound them for their latest and greatest deals so take advantage of our hard work.

Rural Satellite Providers


  • Plans start as low as 29.95 a Month (Call and ask about current specials)
  • 10 GB 15 GB and 20 GB a month data plans
  • Gen 4 Speeds that are 15 times fater than previous HughesNet Generations
  • Zero Activation Fees
  • Free Installation (Most Areas)


WildBlue Satellite :

  • As low as 39.95 per month
  • Up to 1 mbps download speeds ( That's 50 times faster then dial up )
  • 24 X 7 Customer support.
  • Works EVERY WERE in the US
  • Internet is always on so it's ready when you are

For those who do not want a satellite Dish for internet access you do have another option that many rural areas can use. If your area gets good reception for Cricket or Verizon then you can have high speed access using one of their wireless USB devices. These are super simple to install and only around 1 inch long. It plugs right into your computer.

Verizon Wireless Internet Service

  • Download speeds of 600 Kbps – 1.4 Mbps
  • 5 GB Download plans starting at 59.99
  • 50 MB Download plans starting at 39.99

Please note that while the Verizon service is great and they have great coverage you do have to pay $0.25 for every MB you download over your plan. Just like the old days of limited minutes on Cell phones you may end up getting hosed over.

Verizon also requires a one or two year phone plan and they charge $175 dollars for early termination.

Cricket BroadBand Internet Access

  • No Contracts
  • No Credit Checks
  • No Cables
  • First Month FREE
  • Free Shipping
  • High Speed Wireless plans start at $40.00 a month
  • Unlimited Broadband access ( VERY SWEET!!!!!! )

With unlimited broadband access you can email, surf and download from virtually anywhere in Cricket's coverage area

The above are your options when it comes to rural high speed internet access.




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