The advent of high speed internet has changed the face of technology in only a few short years. The ability to transmit data and media at impossibly fast speeds has ushered in an era of exponential evolution for the digital age. Unfortunately, this gift has not been completely widespread. Even today the vast majority of rural areas is not granted the kind of high speed internet access that more populated parts of the country enjoys.

Why do Rural Areas Lack Fast Internet?

The reason that rural regions suffer from internet difficulties has to do with the very nature of high speed internet: Wires. Both broadband and cable internet depends on wires. Cable is more expensive than the phone lines used by broadband but both cost a pretty penny. In a city or suburb, this isn’t such a problem because homes are located closer together in those areas. In rural regions, though, more wire is required to connect a home to an internet source. What’s worse, the longer the wire travels, the slower the connection speed.

Options for Rural Internet

Because of this, rural homes have a harder time finding the fastest internet available in their area. First, you must check out what it would cost to install broadband or cable and then determine how fast or slow the speed would be. In many cases this “high speed” internet is as slow or slower than dial-up. Luckily, satellite internet remains a good option for rural areas. Satellite internet uses, not surprisingly, a satellite that beams an internet signal back to your computer. If the circumstances are right, satellite can reach speeds as fast as cable.

So what are the circumstances? First, your home must have a clear line toward the satellite in order to keep the connection. Next, you must ensure that your satellite connection won’t be cluttered with too many connection requests. This happens when too many computers share the same satellite. If you meet both these criteria, satellite internet is your best option. This usually is the case for the most rural areas. But no matter what you end up deciding, make sure to weigh all your options before you land on a final decision. A fast connection in a rural area is an improbability, but it isn’t an impossibility.

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